October 25th was International Artist Day. To celebrate, the folks at Lawn Love who LOVE to do research, took a dive into the art community. Wondering which U.S. cities were the artsiest they began looking at the data. In turn, they found the best Florida city for art lovers.

Some of the things the researched looked for included cities with plenty of art museums, galleries, performance theaters, and music venues for residents and visitors. The data collectors also considered  things like art classes and schools, opera houses, movie lover-friendliness. Finally, recording studios, and supply shops were part of the more than 20 criteria considered.

Wynwood Walls

In Miami the Wynwood Walls are an international attraction for art lovers. The murals found on buildings here are unbelievable and they are every where.

Things that stood out

Miami and San Francisco have the most art museums per square mile. Those two cities also boast the most arts theaters per square mile. I bet you can guess that these two cities are going to do well in overall rankings.

West Coast Art Love

Unfortunately, we are not talking about the west coast of Florida here, but the west coast of the United States, as in California. More cities from this state appear in the top ten, than any other place in the nation. San Francisco has always been an artist haven. It also has magnificent landscapes. In fact, almost all of California does. It is deal for painters and photographers.

Cities on the list with some of the least thriving art scenes include Laredo, Texas, Kansas City, Kansas, and Warren, Michigan, alongside West Valley City, Utah, which dropped all the way to the bottom of the latest rankings.

Art enriches are lives. It can also reduce stress according to some research. Get out and enjoy some. Check out the full ranking and analysis here.

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