It’s the time of the year when people all over the country are either beginning, in the middle of or wrapping up Spring cleaning. While some things are obvious when it comes to this task, experts say don’t forget to add these things to your spring cleaning list. They are listed below. These tips come from Raf Michalowski. He is an interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture. In addition, he says spring is not the only time of year to clean some things in your home. Yes that means bi-annual attention might be needed. However, we will get to that in a minute.

spring cleaning beds

Sure you clean you sheets on a regular basis. But what about that mattress? How about your pillows? Check out the tips below on how to reach those often forgotten about spots.

First of all, experts say spring cleaning has lots of benefits. Benefits besides the obvious…cleanliness. Spring cleaning, getting rid of clutter, is also said to help with creativity and productivity. Having a clean and tidy work space and living space can carry over to our head space as well. Less clutter in our physical space does something to us mentally, physically. It can help with anxiety as well. Cleaning also gives you control. Often times, there are so many things we can’t control in life and it can be frustrating. Not the case with clearing clutter. All good reasons for spring cleaning.

Sure, the task can be grueling. However, it’s oddly satisfying at the same time. Take a before and after photo. Relish in your accomplishment.  Finally, here is a check list. Don’t forget to add these things to your spring cleaning list.

  • Couches and Chairs

    These are so full of germs between people and pets. Raf says they can have more bacteria than a toilet. EEWWWWWW. He suggests deep cleaning them twice a year with an upholstery cleaner. Cushions and armrests please.

  • Curtains and Drapes

    They get dusty, have allergens and even mold spores and should be cleaned twice a year. Actually more than that if you have allergies or pets. Just check the tags for cleaning instructions so you don’t ruin them.

  • Kitchen Applicances

    This might seem obvious. However, don’t forget to clean your dishwasher monthly. Refrigerator should be quarterly. If there is stubborn grease or grime, make a paste of baking soda and water for a natural cleaning solution.

  • Washer and Dryer

    Lent builds up in dryers and can cause a fire. With washing machines, especially in Florida, mildew and mold can grow. Clean around the rubber moldings too.

  • Bedding

    This is other than sheets and pillowcases. Raf reminds us not to forget the pillows and mattress too. It’s where dead skin, dust mites and bacteria and hang out. Gross. He suggests cleaning with a spray mix of white vinegar and water quarterly.

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