For those of you who follow my posts (thanks Mom!) you’re probably aware that I love Florida Lottery Scratch Offs. I also love it when I hear that someone has gone down to the Fort Myers Florida Lottery office to cash in a big ticket. Just yesterday we learned of Barbara Arnesen of Lake Placid, who cashed in her one million dollar winning ticket. She was playing the One Million A Year For Life ticket when she hit it big. So, how do you know which ticket to get?

Well, one thing you could do is play a ticket that is brand new. It seems like someone hits a fairly decent prize right out of the gate. Take for instance the Florida Lottery scratch offs that just came out this week.

As of today, the 500x card has already had 6 people cash in $20,000 winners. The 100X has had 6 people redeem $10,000 prizes. Even the $5 – 50X ticket has had 3 people cash in $10,000 winners. That’s 3 days after they first hit stores, and, more importantly, those are the tickets that have been redeemed. How many winning tickets are at home in a safe because they can’t make it to the lottery office until next week? That’s a lot of money in just a few short days, but – none of the “X The Cash” tickets have had any jackpots cashed in yet. Yet. My money is on that happening soon. But what happens if you get to the gas station and they don’t have these tickets? Do you look at the ones they do have and just guess? You don’t need to.

The Florida Lottery Scratch Offs That You May Want To Avoid

One of the big reasons new tickets are so popular is because people know that all of the jackpot winning tickets are still available. But again, what about the others? Some of the tickets have no grand prize winners left. It’s not as much fun scratching a ticket if you can’t win the big prize. But how do you know? The Florida Lottery lists all the data on their website. And I’m going to break it down for you. These are the Florida Lottery tickets where all of the grand prizes have already been claimed. This data is current as of 1/18/2024.

  • WHOLE LOTTA $500's

    Whole Lotta 500s

    If this game looks familiar, it’s because it came out back in September of 2022. All of the $500,000 grand prizes have been claimed. And there’s only 2 of the $10,000 prizes left.


    10 dollar monopoly doubler

    8 people have claimed the $2 million dollar prize on this one. And that’s all there is. Of the 204 $10,000 prizes, there’s only 8 of those remaining.


    monopoly doubler

    The 2 dollar ticket of the same game. Same thing, too. All of the $100,000 grand prize tickets are gone. It is interesting to see that 15 of the $2,500 winners are still out there.


    2 million bonus cashword

    I think people buy the crossword tickets because they take longer. With this one, however, all of the 2 million dollar grand prizes are gone. There’s still 2 of the 20 $100,000 winning tickets remaining.

  • $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE

    1000 a week for life

    This ticket has quite the draw. For just $2 it’s a chance to win $1,000 a week for life. Unfortunately, they’ve all been claimed. And all 8 of the winners took the cash option of $930,000. Nobody has patience. Ha.

  • $5,000,000 CASHWORD

    5 million cashword

    This has been a popular game. So popular that most of the big prizes have been claimed. There are no 5 million dollar tickets left and only one 1 million dollar ticket remaining. All of the $100,000 winners are gone, too. It’s a $20 ticket that takes a long time to find out if you won something. Maybe pass on this one.

  • What tickets are good?

    Lol. All of the rest have been winners remaining. If I didn’t mention your favorite scratch off – you have a chance.

    I’m liking the new ones. The $50 500x The Cash ticket has 2 $25 million and 160 $1 million dollar winning tickets. The $10 100x The Cash has 10 $2 million dollar winning tickets.

    Good luck everyone! And Play Responsibly.

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