Cruising as we knew it before the pandemic is almost back to normal, for the most part.  One of the amenities enjoyed by most everyone, when planning and traveling on a cruise, is the food!  There are so many options to choose from.  So did you know that you should avoid these 5 foods on your next cruise?

According to a recent article written by the folks over at Travel + Leisure, there are some things your stomach might appreciate you staying away from.  Some industry experts weighed in with their reasoning as to why some of these items should be passed up.

Sure this list does seem like common sense.  But, we don’t always think of these things when we are getting excited for an upcoming vacation.  The last thing you want to do is eat something that will compromise your stomach.  If you’re someone who gets seasick anyway, keep reading.  Can you imagine being on an excursion on a boat or bus full of people with nowhere to go?  Nobody wants to be in that position.

So, if you’re planning on a cruise any time soon, you may want to peruse the list of 5 Foods To Avoid On A Cruise.


  • Stay Away From The Spices

    According to Nancy Mitchell, a registered nurse and contributing writer at Assisted Living Center, it may be a good idea to avoid high-fat and spicy foods that could “irritate the stomach lining and aggravate nausea.”

  • Don't Skip Water

    Consuming plenty of water can help reduce the chances of dehydration and headaches, which are associated with seasickness.

  • Think Twice About Outdoor Options

    According to Aimee Takamura, director of wellness and sustainability at Restaurant Associates, if something doesn’t look quite right, stay away from it.  Look for things like the color of the food.  Pay attention to who is using the utensils ahead of you.  Are they using them correctly?  Just be careful.

  • Skip Foods That Haven't Agreed With You Before

    If there is a food option you’ve not really cared for in the past, this may not be the time to give it a second chance.  DJ Mazzoni, a certified dietician tells Travel + Leisure, “Don’t eat foods that have been triggers in the past or that you haven’t consumed before.” “Getting food poisoning on a cruise is doubly uncomfortable, due to the potential to become seasick, so it’s best to play it safe.”

  • Skip Alcohol When Seasick

    This seems like common sense.  If you’re feeling queasy, you should probably leave the alcohol down until you’re feeling better.

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