What makes a great skatepark? Essential requirements revolve around safety conditions, open space, and overall atmosphere. In Florida, two skateparks were recently listed among the best in the country.

In SkateboardHQ’s feature, “13 Skateparks in the U.S. You Need To Visit,” they take you on a tour through some of the greatest bowls in the continental United States. From the Northwest corner of Oregon to the Southeast corner of Florida, this list rolls through a lot of ground.

“You’ll find some of the most epic street courses alongside iconic locations and facilities designed for skaters and by skaters, including the largest full-concrete pipe and one of the oldest-running skateparks in America,” SkateboardHQ expxlains.

The largest full-concrete pipe they mention belongs to Lake Cunningham Regional Sports Park, in San Jose, CA. At 68,000-square-feet, it’s the largest skatepark in California. As for the “oldest,” we’ll get to that shortly.

Skatepark Culture

Whether they are built into the recreational facilities of a suburban town, or between buildings on city streets, skateparks can serve a great purpose. Under safe conditions, such parks provide a place for youth and skate enthusiasts alike to support each other while they work on their craft. There is a true artistic and creative component to skateboarding. Furthermore, the sport takes a great deal of discipline. To master a trick (or even to get a feel for riding) you have to go through rounds of repetition. Often, you fall, get up, try again, and then fall again.

Skateboarding is an activity that also can have very little cost affiliated with it. After the price of a board and the necessary safety equipment (such as a helmet and padding), most community parks are free admission.

There are some great organizations (mostly West Coast-based) that thrive off building and restoring skateparks in various communities. Evergreen based out of Portland, focuses on structuring parks for all skill levels. Montana Pool Service, a non-profit organization, aims to connect youth communities with their generous work installing parks across the country.

So let’s grab a board and take stroll through the two Florida skateparks that were named among the best in the country.

  • Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT)

    Skatepark of Tampa, commonly known as SPoT, is located at 4215 E. Columbus Dr. They offer indoor and outdoor facilities. They also sell many skate products, further inspiring the all-encompassing skate experience. Furthermore, SPoT provides various programs, including camps, birthday parties, and a session they call “Girls Meetup.”


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  • Kona Skatepark - Jacksonville

    Here we have the oldest running public skatepark in America. It’s been open since 1977. Like the sport, this park has fallen flat, but then bounced back up when many thought it would stay down. Kona Skatepark is located at 8739 Kona Ave. The grounds offer a clubhouse as well given the Kona experience is all about community. They host events, and they will occasionally have live music or competitions at their park.


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