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I always love reading books and watching TV shows and movies that have a Florida connection, and especially seeing places that you’re familiar with and knowing your favorite actor or actress was there too is super cool. I did some searching and found 15 movies that were filmed right here in Southwest Florida.

I just finished the TV series “The Glades” that was filmed on the east coast of Florida and it got me thinking that there had to be other series filmed here on the west coast. If you haven’t seen it, it actually premiered back in 2010 but it’s like a CSI-type show where each episode features a different murder with some great personal character stories woven in. I couldn’t find anything that was filmed here as far as TV goes, but for movies, there’s quite a list. Some of them I knew, and some I didn’t, so now I have a few to add to my to-watch list.

Of course with miles and miles of beautiful beaches, charming downtown areas and over a million acres of wetlands preserve with The Everglades, there’s a backdrop for just about any movie, and being able to film year round down here is a major bonus.

From zombies to owls, ghost orchids, scandals and football players the variety of movies filmed partially or fully here in our area is wide. Just a few of the many actors who have filmed here include Denzel Washington, Sean Connery, Joe Pesci, Reese Witherspoon, Woody Harrelson and Jayne Mansfield.

SOURCE: naplesnews.com

15 Movies Filmed in Southwest Florida: