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Eating out can definitely get pricy, but 12 of the top budget-friendly restaurants in America are right here in Florida.

It seems like everywhere you look, prices are sky high. I find myself instead of shopping at just one store for groceries, bopping around Fort Myers for the best deals. I’ll go to Aldi first, then Walmart, then Publix. But sometimes Costco can be the cheapest depending on what I need and how much. Trader Joe’s is another that I’ve found some really great prices at, not to mention, it’s just a fun store to shop at.

When it comes to eating out, prices are on the rise there too. I’m a single person and cooking for one can be difficult. Unless of course I want the same meal more than a time or two in one week. I’m all about leftovers, but after the second time, I’m over it. Every now and again eating out can be cheaper than cooking for one, but even prices at restaurants have gone up. So finding good food at good prices is key.

12 Of The Top Budget-Friendly Restaurants In America Are In Florida

USA Today put out their list of the best places to eat on a budget. They looked at Google ratings of 28,000 budget-friendly restaurants from coast to coast. They considered all types of restaurants from fast food chains to independently owned spots. Those that made the list have a single $ sign on Google’s cost scale and have over 200 reviews. You can see the full list of 100 restaurants here. Below are where the restaurants here in Florida land.

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