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Not only is tomorrow the start of a new month, but July 1st is also a day that 149 new laws that Governor Ron DeSantis has signed take effect in Florida. While a lot of them won’t apply to your day to day life, there are some that will.

10 Laws Going Into Effect July 1st:


  • Prescriptions

    Most controlled substances will now be able to be prescribed via telemedicine.

  • Smoking in Public

    Local governments are now allowed to ban smoking at public beaches and public parks which they own.

  • Loud Music

    The new law allows the issuance of citations up to $114 to those who have music coming from a vehicle that could be heard from more than 25 feet away. 

  • Financial Literacy For High School Students

    Starting in the 2023 school year, high school students will have to learn about bank accounts, credit cards, investments and how to do their taxes.

  • Tenant Safety

    Miya’s Law, named for Miya Marcano, improves tenant safety by tightening apartment security measures through required background screenings of employees.

  • Bonus Checks

    There will be a $5000 incentive to bring police officers in from other states and $1000 bonuses will be given to kaw enforcement and first responders in Florida.

  • Florida School Safety

    This law will help strengthen school security measures through increased training with mental health and crisis intervention, enhanced protocols and heightened procedures for threat assessment, family reunification and emergency drills.

  • Youth Crime Records

    Minors will have a chance to get their records expunged if they complete diversion programs.

  • Race History

    Educators will be banned from teaching certain topics related to race and the law is is designed, in part, to prevent teachers from making students feel guilt or shame about their race because of historical events.

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake becomes Florida’s official state dessert.

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