There was a spirits debut this week that was unlike any other seen in Southwest Florida. First, because there is nothing like this product on the shelves in the United States. Second, because the guests of honor, flown in from England, were dressed in fur on an 80+ degree day. They were pure bred Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep, also known as the “Flock Stars”. Sheep milk vodka makes its Florida debut in Naples with BLACKLION Vodka. It was a huge hit and this week’s Fabulous Find.

People were going crazy over these sheep when they arrived at Three60 Market. Including me. They were so cool and quite accommodating to all of the humans who “flocked” to them. Check out this quick video I made. See what I mean?

The “Flock Stars” were accompanied by owners Tim and Tanya Spittle, mixologist Pete Simpson, and Andy Clarke who is a food and drink writer and BBC TV personality. He also created a signature BLACKLION cocktail for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s Lucky Cat restaurants in Miami and London.

How sheep milk vodka is made

This is a unique breed of sheep from the beautiful Cotswolds of England. Their milk is primarily used to make cheese. When the curds are separated for the cheese, whey is a by-product and there is a lot of it. The Spittles are second generation farmers and they wanted to create a way to keep their farm moving forward for the next generation. They also wanted to be more sustainable and do something with all of that wasted whey. Now, they are distilling it.

It takes dozens of times and many days to run each batch through the distiller to create this premium vodka. BLACKLION has been winning awards around the world and is finally available in Florida.

How does it taste

Samples were provided at the public launch party. I tried it chilled and also in cocktails. It smelled floral and had this nice texture, slightly viscous and round rather than burning. It was actually good on its own and great in a martini. If you like vodka and premium spirits, look for it. The story is a intriguing and so is the product. Check out these photos from the Naples Debut.

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