We want to celebrate the season, however, we also need to consider both Halloween costumes and safety for dogs. We love our pets and dressing them up can be fun. But what looks cute to us, is not always safe for them. In addition, there tends to be a lot of activity, around Halloween which could get your pets riled up and stressed out. Do they already go crazy every time the door bell rings?

The team at Veterinarians.org has put together a few guidelines and tips to help keep your pets safe and hopefully calm this Halloween:

Dog costume

Keep Halloween Candy Out of Reach

Placing Halloween treats in a closed jar may be the safest way to keep them away from your pet. In addition, Encourage children to throw wrappers away and tell them how to keep their furry friends safe. Raisins, chocolate, candy corn, sweets with xylitol can be toxic to pets.

Protect Pets From Halloween Decorations

Candles, electrical cords, fog machines, glow sticks, and rotting pumpkin can all pose a risk to your pet.  

Keep Pets Identifiable

Take all necessary measures to ensure your pet will easily be found if they escape. Proper identification, microchipping, and GPS collars all provide steps to help you bring your pet home safely.

Keep Anxious Pets Calm

Crowds of people in your home, excessive noise, unusual costumes, fireworks, flashing decorations, and congested spaces can cause pets anxiety. Consider some calming aids to combat this.

Ensure Costumes are Comfortable

Select a simple costume, avoiding anything that has straps or small accessories that can pose choking hazards or could get them trapped in usual areas. Finally, make sure the costume fits comfortably and is not restricting your pet’s ability to move, see, smell, breathe or make vocal sounds.

Now that we have a solid check list to keep our pets safe during this week’s festivities, check out these adorable Halloween costumes for dogs.

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