“This is the perfect bite.” When I heard a voice utter those words at the Lakes Park Farmer’s Market, it got my attention. It’s a Fort Myers Farmers Market Mediterranean Food tent and the proprietor did indeed deliver on his claim. The homemade foods from Mediterranean Delight are this week’s Fabulous Find.

Like many food lovers, I’m in constant search of that elusive perfect bite. So, when someone claims to have found one, I want in on the action.

You have probably taken a bite of a sandwich that had more bread than filling. That is not a perfect bite. In this sandwich example, the perfect bite might be that one in the middle where there is just the right balance of bread, meat, cheese, and condiments.

The bite I was offered started with a small piece of pita bread. It was layered with, a yogurt ball then topped with a little eggplant tapenade. The oil soaked into the bread. It was an even burst of flavor and textures. A perfect bite.

About Fort Myers Farmers Market Mediterranean Food

The Mediterranean Delight tent is manned by Ali. He makes the food in a commercial kitchen in Fort Lauderdale and drives to Fort Myers every Wednesday for the seasonal Lakes Park market.

Ali’s family owns a date farm in Jordan. While I would like a date night, he suggested a “date” morning. Every morning.

Professing the health benefits of the dried fruit, he suggested eating one first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. To explain, he handed me his “date card.” It listed health benefits such as energy, digestion, anti-ageing, memory, cholesterol and inflammation.

In addition, you can add dates to your list of aphrodisiacs according to this list. The ones I tried were delicious, not too sweet. They made me happy, but not frisky. Perhaps I’ll try again.

More Fort Myers Farmers Market Mediterranean Food

Ali has so many fantastic items to discover. The pita chips are unlike any you’ll find in the store. He cuts pita bread into triangles then soaks them in the herbed olive oil found in a lot of his items. Finally, they get baked until light and crisp.

Those yogurt balls found in the perfect bite are in a bath of olive oil and zaatar seasoning. They do not get refrigerated and can last on your counter for 30 days. The eggplant tapenade can stay out for 60 days. It also has walnuts, zaatar, and other spices.

Containers of grilled olives soaking in oil are piled high. So are small boxes of baklava for dessert. Ali makes both walnut and pistachio. They are made with honey and rose water, no added sugar.

Here are some more foods you’ll find under the Mediterranean Delight tent.

  • Baba Ganoush
  • Mama Ganoush
  • Grape Leaves
  • Kibbeh
  • Tabbouleh Salad
  • Pita Bread
  • Zaatar
  • Hummus

The foods are made as naturally as possible, no additives and lots of love. Sample them next time you see Ali at a market. You might just find a new obsession.

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