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Tropical Breeze Fun Park Annual Tournament

November 102:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Tropical Breeze Fun Park, 234 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, FL, 33901 + Google Map

Join Shemon & Sheppard for the Tropical Breeze Fun Park Annual Tournament

Date: November 10, 2022                           Sign-In begins at: 2:00PM

Tournament begins at 2:30PM sharp (rain or shine)

Entry Fee of $20.00.
(Limited to 50 players)
*Plus, one entry for one shot at a Hole-in-One worth $5000.

1st Place: $250

2nd Place: $150

3rd Place: $50

1 practice round any time November 7th,8th, or 9th
Drink specials and tastings. Drawings for Corona t-shirts, key chains, coolers, and more.
*One person will be drawn from participant players to have 1 shot at a Hole-in-One for $5000. (Hole TBD)
**See complete rules for Hole-in-One eligibility requirements.

Tropical Breeze Fun Park    234 Santa Barbara Blvd. Cape Coral, FL 33991



Tropical Breeze Fun Park Annual Tournament – Rules


INCLUDES: 1 practice round any time November 7th, 8th, or 9th included. Plus tournament and hole in one entry. (Limited to 50 players) Complimentary beer while supplies last.

  1. Equipment
    Clubs – all participants may bring their own putter.
    2. The Ball – all participants must use the ball provided.
  2. Rules of the Tournament
  3. You will play in groups of four (4) participants, but it is an individual tournament.
  4. One stroke penalty if:
    1. Ball jumps fairway-play the next shot from the spot where the ball jumped fairway.
    2. Ball is snagged in an obstacle-free ball and start play from that spot, not nearer the hole. (No penalty)
    3. If a rested ball moves, it must be returned to its resting spot.
    4. Ball may be moved two (2) club heads from edging or hazard without penalty.
  5. Don’t leave the hole before all team members have completed and verified strokes.
  6. Each player shall keep all scores of players in their group.
    1. Players should check their score after each hole for accuracy.
    2. Scores may not be altered once the scorecard has been turned in.
    3. The number of strokes a player has taken shall include penalty strokes incurred.
    4. Turn in one legible scorecard per group with each participant’s signature to verify their score to a tournament supervisor or disqualification results.
    5. A forgotten score entry for a hole can be added after the round providing the player has not yet signed the card and the score is agreed to by all players in the group.
  7. The playing of practice strokes during the play of a hole, or between holes, is forbidden.
  8. A player may only touch a rested ball in the playing field under the supervision of his fellow players.
  9. After members of the group take the initial putt, the one nearest the hole will putt first and continue to putt until the ball is in the cup. Then, the next closest player putts until completed and continues, until all participants finish the hole. If a player’s ball is in the way of the next player’s shot, the player may ask them to mark the ball and the player must comply.
  10. Do not take turns putting on the green.
  11. All golfers shoot their initial shots from the tee in the order of how everyone did on the previous hole(s). (Lowest score goes first) If there was a tie on the hole, use the same order as the previous hole.
  12. Speed of play must create smooth play. Tournament officials may ask for an increased pace if delays are created.
  13. Prizes
  14. Grand Prize- $250
  15. Second Place- $150
  16. Third Place- $50
  17. The competitor who plays the round(s) in the fewest strokes is the Grand Prize winner.
  18. In case of ties, there will be a sudden death play-off starting on hole 1.
  19. There will also be a separate prize for a hole-in-one challenge on Hole 18 for four (4) randomly selected participants who will have one (1) shot at a Hole-in-One. You are not eligible if you fall into the following categories:A Golf professional is defined as anyone as anyone who is currently in, or has been within the last 2 years, the Golf industry or pursues as a profession, profits and/or gains from the golf industry. EX: (Golf School Instructors)

    B.  No current or former employees, immediate member of any family, agents, successors, assignees of the sponsor/client are eligible, as well as any promotional company, advertising agency, organization or company involved with the event. The parties acknowledge the Tropical Breeze Fun Park is NOT liable for reimbursement of any prize(s) otherwise payable to promotional contestants who are in violation of this provision.

  20. Names and likeness of promotion winner(s) may be used by Tropical Breeze Fun Park and/or its designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to the client or the promotion winner(s).


  1. Player’s Responsibilities
  2. Golf etiquette will be used at all times.
  3. Breaks will not be allowed during play except for health reasons.
  4. Postponed/delayed play (e.g., because of rain) can be ordered by tournament officials and play must immediately stop. All players with a ball in play will be permitted to complete the hole.
  5. Sportsmanship is required and anything contrary will be handled immediately by a tournament official and could result is disqualification.
  6. Mobile devices must be silenced and never allowed out when the participant (owner of the device) has a ball in play.
  7. Final Decisions
  8. Any questions on the rules, or circumstances which arise during play, should be directed to the tournament officials who will make a ruling, which is final.
  9. Disagreements cannot be settled amongst the group and should be brought to the tournament officials immediately.
  10. All decisions of the tournament officials are final and cannot be appealed.



Tropical Breeze Fun Park    234 Santa Barbara Blvd. Cape Coral, FL 33991



**** This is not a Beasley Media Group event.****

These rules were created and established by Tropical Breeze Fun Park.

Please direct any event questions to the venue.