#1064 Prankster Arrested for Changing the HOLLYWOOD Sign to HOLLYBOOB Download

14:14 Download February 5th, 2021

Manchester England toilet after it started churning foam and bubbles into an apartment… Tennessee Man is accused of stabbing a man for not wearing a mask, later seen hoisting two baseball bats at police officers… Forthcoming documentary suggests a woman, Kelly Cochrane, serving in prison for nine murders, fed her husband’s body to her neighbors at a BBQ… Hitler’s toilet seat going up for auction… Hollywood sign became the Hollyboob sign, 6 people were arrested… Accidentally issued Amber Alert for two characters from Child’s Play franchise- Glen Ray and Chucky… Cedar Waxwing in north Texas get drunk on berries and fly into windows… Banana the size of a girl’s arm at local shopping market…Michigan woman had her wedding gown preserved 15 years ago; opened and found it was not her dress… Bigfoot hunters actually don’t want bigfoot to be hunted, only captured…

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