#1027 Cars with Flashlights for Head Lights and a Lawn Chair for a Seat Download

14:42 Download December 4th, 2020

Indonesian authorities destroyed hundred of sex toys because they are actually illegal… Washington state trooper pulled over a car with dim headlights, only to find out those headlights were small flashlights taped on… On Monday in Canada police showed a vehicle impounded after they found the driver was sitting on a lawn chair to drive… 6 foot 6-inch penis statue has gone missing from a mountain in Germany… Marine Corps has a message for its recruits to please stop dropping acid… Fraud accusations when the South African lottery drawing caused 20 people to win… Loyola University graduate passed the bar exam while giving birth… Restaurant owner apologizing for telling customers not to twerk in his restaurant… Man from Northampton England managed to get his car impounded 30 seconds after buying it… Plane passenger dipping the hair of another passenger in her coffee video… Police in Canada removed a deer from an assisted living facility…

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