#1018 Friends buy airline tickets just to drink at the airport bar Download

13:46 Download November 18th, 2020

For the second time in 2 weeks an explosive device has gone off in a portable toilet in Pittsburgh… Woman was charged for 3 fleshlights after Alexa ordered them because her brother was trying  to order flashlights… Sex addict died from a heart attack after he took a cocktail of drugs including Viagra and erection cream during an orgy… Russian Navy shot a mother bear and her cub after they climbed onto a submarine… Indian teenager received the Guiness World Record for longest hair ever on a teenager… Friends in Ireland skirted lockdown rules by buying airline tickets and skipping their flight to drink at the airport bar… Man broke the record for having the tallest mohawk in the world after 7 years (4 feet tall)… Woman facing charges after she got into an argument with reception and a man told her to calm down… One woman was treated after a helicopter transporting a heart was seen on its side on a hospital helipad, the heart survived…

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