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Are you a sports fanatic? 99.3 ESPN is challenging you every Friday at 3:45 p.m. to participate in Sports Trivia with Craig. You’ll have an opportunity to answer three questions and be the “99.3 ESPN Sports Expert of the Week!” If you get 1 question correct, you’ll receive $25 to The Boathouse on Naples Bay, 2 questions will get you $50 and 3 correct answers will get you $75 to spend on cold drinks, delicious food, and great views.

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Contest Terms

  • How to enter: Call in
  • Dates of Contest: 2/14-12/18/2020
  • How the winner is being selected: Fridays
  • How many times a person can enter: unlimited
  • Age of entrants: 18+
  • How many winners are being selected: 1 per week
  • What the prize is: Up to $75 gift card
  • What the prize value is: Up to $75
  • Who is providing the prize: The Boathouse on Naples Bay