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The Florida Man Takes ‘Self-Checkout’ to a Whole New Level in Walmart Parking Lot

The Florida man never seems to amaze when it comes to his weird behavior. Let's face it, you know when there's a Florida Walmart in the news, it's bound to be something weird. Meet Trinell Alexander Webster, a 33-year-old from Dundee, with a blue Toyota Corolla and a habit of disturbing people in Walmart parking lots. According to WFLA, It was June 30, around 6:45 p.m. and a lady was chilling in her car at Walmart. She was just waiting for her family to finish shopping, when suddenly, a blue Toyota pulled up next to her. She glances over and sees Webster doing the unthinkable... Playing pocket pool with his phone in hand. Gross dude. Obviously shocked, the lady decides to move her car but doesn't call the cops right away. The Florida Man Strikes Again: Then, on July 7, same Walmart, around 7:43 p.m. This time, it's a mom and her 17-year-old daughter waiting on family. And guess what? Weird Webster the Florida man, rolls up again in his trusty Corolla. Same disgusting act, same horrified reaction. But this time, they call the cops pronto. By the time the police show up, Webster's already hit the road. Now, our weirdo Webster isn't too slick though. The victims got his license plate number, and the police tracked him down. They find him on July 9, and Webster tries to play it off like he just drives around the Walmart parking lot to "decompress" after work. Yeah, right. Is that what you call it?  Well, Weirdo Webster ends up arrested, facing three counts of exposure of sexual organs. Police believe there might be more victims out there and is urging them to come forward. If you think you crossed paths with the Florida man in question, you better call the Winter Haven Police Department at 863-401-2256. It's really no surprise that a trip to Walmart can turn into a such a bizarre encounter when it comes to the Florida man. I mean, I like people watching at Walmart... But not like that. Yikes!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrtkKd-XAU

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