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Florida Mailman Gets Delivered To Jail After Lehigh Acres Theft

A Florida mailman in Lehigh Acres got arrested and delivered to Lee County Jail after allegedly stealing supplies from a home construction area. According to NBC-2, the owner of a real estate company noticed something strange on a security camera feed from one of their local construction sites. On Friday afternoon, that owner's wife went to the site and saw a U.S. Postal Service truck being loaded with construction supplies at the property. The woman identified herself to the mailman, 39-year-old Cristian Huarte, and told him to put the items back. Huarte agreed and put some stolen bags of mortar back on the property, but that wasn't all he had taken. Huarte drove his mail truck across the street from the site and threw cement blocks and other supplies along the side of the road. While doing that, he pleaded for her not to report him. She ignored his pleas and deputies were called to the area. They saw 12 cement blocks, four rebar, and some wooden stakes at the side of the road. Deputies contacted the head of the local post office to help identify Huarte as the driver of the vehicle caught on camera. It turns out another victim also reported supplies missing from other nearby construction sites he owns. Those items were also recovered and returned. Huarte was arrested, charged with grand theft, and delivered to jail. It's unclear if and when this Florida mailman will be returned to sender, but his days of working for the government appear to have been postmarked "Never."

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