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Florida Panthers are One of the NHL ‘s Fastest Growing Fan Bases

The Florida Panthers have been playing hockey in South Florida since October of 1993. With varying degrees of success. They made the Playoffs in their third season, losing in the Stanley Cup Final to the Colorado Avalanche. They would make the playoffs the following season, but then miss out of the playoffs for 18 of the next 21 seasons. But the Cats have found success in recent history, and the growth in the fan base is showing. Betway tracked social media growth over the last 12 months in the NHL. And the results are in... The Florida Panthers are one of the NHL's fastest growing fan bases! Los Gatos has had a 23.3% increase across all social media platforms. And the Florida Panthers Instagram followers rise to 391,000. That's more than 91,000 followers added in the last 12 months alone. The Florida Panthers are one of the NHL 's fastest growing fan bases. So we know Florida is the fastest growing of the NHL fan bases. But who are the slowest growing? Betway has us covered there as well. The Ottawa Senators have had their Instagram account accrue a measly 1.35% over 12 months. And that shouldn't be surprising. The Senators haven't played a playoff hockey game since 2017. To make things worse for the Senators fans, last year was the first season since 2016/17 where they were even close to sniffing the playoffs. And they were still 6 points behind the final wild card spot. It probably shouldn't surprise you that the Stanley Cup runner-ups fan base is growing while a team that hasn't seen playoff hockey in a half a decade is slow to gain more traction. Here's a list of the the 5 fastest and 5 slowest growing fanbases.

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