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Tampa Bay Ranks as Top Destination to Watch an NHL Game

When looking to catch an NHL game in Florida, you've got two options: Tampa Bay or Sunrise. A recent study from BetWay found that Tampa Bay ranks as a top destination to watch an NHL game. BetWay took a look at multiple factors including stadium capacity, the success of the team, social media followers and engagement and the average cost of a ticket and hotel in each city. Even though Tampa Bay ranks as a top destination to watch an NHL game, the Florida Panthers and Amerant Bank Arena is not far behind their in-state rivals. Here's the top-10 destinations for an NHL game. Rank City Team Total Score 1 Pittsburgh Penguines 4.454 2 Toronto Maples Leafs 4.358 3 Montreal Canadians 3.922 4 Boston Bruins 3.919 5 New York City Rangers 3.844 6 Chicago Blackhawks 3.82 7 Tampa Lightning 3.528 8 Edmonton Oilers 3.532 9 Detroit Red Wings 3.471 10 Denver Avalanche 3.466 As mentioned earlier, the Florida Panthers also ranked in the top-half of the league. They come in at 12th on the list with a score of 3.294. I've been to a couple of games at Amalie Arena in Tampa and Amerant Bank Arena. And although I prefer Amalie in downtown Tampa, a Panthers game is a lot of fun and probably a little more affordable than going to Tampa. There is one area where the gameday experience in Tampa KO's what is offered in Sunrise with the Panthers. It's the surrounding area. Amalie is in the heart of downtown Tampa and the area around Amalie Arena is buzzing leading up to puck drop. If you're looking to stretch you dollar the farthest, then you should be looking at a Panthers game. If you're less concerned with price then Tampa should be the place you're looking to go. [select-listicle listicle_id="150604" syndication_name="florida-panthers-are-one-of-the-nhl-s-fastest-growing-fan-bases" description="yes"]

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