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It is National Ketchup Day!

It is National Ketchup Day! Why today? Probably because summer is right around the corner and ketchup is a national staple in America. It is as American as baseball and apple pie. Some people put it on almost every kind of food. Others just stick to hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries. And if you have kids chances are your household uses a LOT of ketchup. We took a long and winding road to get to National Ketchup Day. For example, did you know it was first made out of anchovies? In China? Yes, fermented fish sauce was the original ketchup. Try smothering your french fries with that! Or better yet, how would your kids react to a hefty dose of anchovy paste on their plate? Yuk! Baked Crinkle French Fries with Ketchup NATIONAL KETCHUP DAY BRINGS ON SUMMER! Here are some more fun facts about America's number one condiment: The world's biggest supplier of ketchup is Heinz. The first documented record of ketchup was in 1812. By the 1830's it was considered a medicine. That probably had to do with its high acid content. That leads us to another related fun fact. Ketchup is one of the few packaged foods that does not contain preservatives. Again, the vinegar helps to preserve it due to it high acid content. Did you know it takes about 4 table spoons of ketchup to equal the nutritional value of a medium sized tomato? In America ketchup is everywhere. U.S. families go through about 3 bottles per year. (If you have children then it must be higher). And you will find ketchup in 97 percent of all American households. We discuss topics like National Ketchup Day (and sports) on Craig Shemon and Company on ESPN Southwest Florida every weekday from 2-6. Join us!

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