Michele Lee Burke, a 54-year-old from Key Largo who recently pulled off the perfect crime—almost. It all started when Michele decided to blame her innocent Yorkshire terrier for her troubles with the law, but little did she know that her misadventure would turn into a HUGE mess.

According to Local 10, Michele was cruising along the Overseas Highway, when suddenly, the police lights start flashing behind her. What’s her reaction, you ask? She turns on her right blinker and eventually grinds to a halt. But the real fun begins when the officers approach her vehicle. Where she blames her driving on her poor little dog.

In addition, there’s a “strong odor” of alcohol, and her left eye was shut making her look like Popeye the Drunken sailor.
She insisted that she only had one drink and even jokes about her one-eyed situation. The officers, then decided it was best to make her take a road sobriety test.

Yorkshire terrier terror:

Now, Michele seems like a woman who knows her way around Facebook because she claims she’s seen the test there. She laughs it off and tells the officer to “f— off.” Classy, Michele, real classy.

When the officers try to arrest her, things take a turn for the worse. Michele goes all Jackie Chan on them, kicking, screaming, and threatening to throat-punch Sergeant Davis! Boy oh boy! Somebody ate thier spinach!

Eventually, they manage to cuff her, but not before she’s given them a taste of her MMA skills. After all that chaos, Michele finally admits to having “one too many,” but it’s a little too late. She’s locked up on a felony charge of resisting an officer with violence and a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. Good luck explaining this one to your Yorkshire terrier, Michele.

Florida Woman Makes Viral Post With Sheriff Vehicle, Gets Busted For Drug Possession

Time for the story of Talea Saylor, who ran afoul of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office in Englewood, Florida. It all started innocently enough when Talea posed on top of a Charlotte County Sheriff vehicle. The suv was parked at a dealership and she saw this as a perfect opportunity for a viral post. Unfortunately the Sherriff’s Office saw the post. What do you think they’re doing when they’re parked on the side of the road? Scrolling, no doubt.

I’m sure they were annoyed by this woman standing on their vehicle, but the picture is a little blurry. No way you can identify her. Until….

From the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office: “A few days later, one of our Marine Patrol deputies was in the area of Chadwick Cove and noticed two suspects on a familiar 26ft sailboat. The owner of the boat was arrested the day prior and had not yet been released from jail. Contact was made with boat owner via the jail watch commander who advised he did not give anyone permission to be on his boat.”

Inside the boat, the cops found a glass pipe, various drug paraphernalia, and methamphetamine. Doing meth on a stolen boat? Let’s take a look at the charges our Florida woman is facing.

Burglary of an Occupied Conveyance Unarmed
Possess Controlled Substance without Prescription
Drug Paraphernalia – Possession or Use Of

It all started with a two fingered salute from atop a sheriff vehicle. So, ready for the mugshot?


  • Talea Saylor

    Talea Saylor

    I’m sure she was just holding the meth for someone else.

  • On The Boat

    Briar Bloomer

    Her accomplice, Briar Bloomer. Facing the same charges. How did these two manage to get a boat off the dock? At least they’re wearing life jackets. Safety first!

  • FACEBOOK VS REALITY 🤔Meet Talea Saylor. Talea posted the photo of herself featuring interesting hand gestures on the...

    Posted by Charlotte County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, August 3, 2023

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