Fort Myers Boat Thief Steals $300K Sportsman Boat, Flees in Chevy.

Breaking news! It seems like we have a new contender for the most audacious criminal in Fort Myers – a boat thief who drove through a storage gate in a stolen 31-foot Sportsman boat with twin outboard motors, valued at $300,000. And the best part? He was caught driving a Chevrolet. Talk about being inconspicuous!

According to NBC2, Silvestre Romeo Romero, the man behind the heist, must have had a lot of confidence in his boating skills to pull off a stunt like this. After all, it’s not easy to navigate a 31-foot boat through a storage gate without causing any damage. But hey, when you’re on a mission to get your hands on a fancy boat, anything is possible.

I can’t imagine the look on the faces of the officers who received the call about the robbery. I bet they were expecting a typical break-in scenario, but instead, they got a boat chase. It’s like something out of a movie!

Fort Myers Boat Thief:

Thankfully, the police were able to catch up with Romero and conduct a traffic stop at Hancock Bridge Parkway. I’m sure they had a good laugh when they saw him driving a Chevrolet with a 31-foot boat in tow. Maybe next time he should invest in a bigger vehicle if he plans on stealing boats.

Romero is now facing multiple felony charges, and I don’t think he’ll be able to argue his way out of this one. I mean, who steals a boat and drives through a storage gate in plain sight? That’s just asking to get caught.

All in all, this has been a hilarious yet eye-opening experience. It just goes to show that criminals come in all shapes and sizes – even those who are bold enough to steal a boat and drive it through a storage gate. I can’t wait to see what other shenanigans the Fort Myers criminals have in store for us next!

Fort Myers Named One Of The Coolest Small Cities In America

Fort Myers has been named one of the coolest small cities in America.

I grew up right between Chicago and Milwaukee, so big city life is something I’m very familiar with. It was definitely a bit of change for me when I first moved to Fort Myers, but for me, the pros definitely outweigh any cons. “Cold” is anything below 70. While traffic isn’t non-existent, it’s relatively easy to get around. Rent isn’t astronomical. And you can find a beer in a local bar for $5, not $15. Yes, you might have to travel to a larger city like Tampa or Miami to catch a big artist in concert or go to a Michelin star restaurant. But small cities have a charm about them too.

With Hurricane Ian devastating the area in September, we’ve got a long road ahead for rebuilding. A lot of people fear that as Fort Myers Beach rebuilds that it will be overrun by high rises and chain hotels. The reality of that remains to be seen, but I really can’t wait for the beach to thrive once again.

So what defines a “small city”? The Demographic Research Unit of the Department of Finance qualifies a small city as an incorporated area that has a population of 100,000 of less.

Thrillist put together a list of the coolest small cities in America and Fort Myers made the list! To me, I feel like sometimes people forget about Fort Myers with some of the larger cities in Florida. Many people from out of town hear Florida and think Miami, Orlando, Tampa. But there’s so many small towns, especially coastal small towns, that are so gorgeous and have so much to offer. And for us that live here, they may only be 3-4 hours away, so they make for a great little weekend getaway too.

Coolest Small Cities in America: