Michael Irvin has released a surveillance video from the Marriott in Arizona. He also refiled his lawsuit.

The video captures a conversation he had with a female hotel staffer in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 5th.

Irvin and his attorney hope that this footage can help restore his public image in the ongoing $100 million lawsuit against Marriott.

What Happened?

The released surveillance video of the conversation between Michael Irvin and the female hotel staffer did not include audio.

It is impossible to determine what was said during the one minute and forty-five-second interaction.

However, it is significant that the video was played for reporters during a news conference. This suggests that Irvin and his attorney believe that the footage supports their case and could have a positive impact on his public image.

It is possible that more information may be released or uncovered as the lawsuit against Marriott continues. This could shed further light on the situation.

Based on the court filing by Marriott that you mentioned, the woman involved in the encounter with Michael Irvin has made specific allegations against him.

These allegations include that Irvin made a lewd comment, touched her without her consent, and said he would find her later in her workweek.

The filing by Marriott also includes a specific quote attributed to Irvin in which he asks the woman if she knows anything about having a “big Black man inside of her”.

Michael Irvin Defends Himself

Irvin has denied posing any danger to the woman and rejected the suggestion that he would find her later in the week.  Irvin was also forced to change hotels the next evening after the encounter.

Marriott, in its court filing, stated that it was the NFL that removed Irvin from the property after reviewing the surveillance video and interviewing the woman.

It is also worth noting that a Marriott spokesperson declined to comment on the video’s release during the news conference.

As the lawsuit against Marriott and Irvin continues, more information may be revealed regarding the specifics of the incident and the appropriate course of action.

Irvin’s scheduled appearances on NFL Network and ESPN during Super Bowl week were canceled after the incident.

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NCAA Sanctions University of Miami For Illegal Recruitment Of Cavinder Twins

It appears the wild days of NIL recruitment are coming to an end. The NCAA is ramping up enforcement of NIL violations and has targeted the University of Miami recruitment of Haley and Hanna, The Cavinder twins. The NCAA changes that brought about this investigation were instituted back in January. That change lowered the violation standard.

The rule violations involved Miami booster John Ruiz. The same John Ruiz who’s behind the plan to build a new football facility on Miami’s campus in Coral Gables. This is the tweet that got the attention of the NCAA. This would fall into the area of circumstantial evidence.

Nicole Auerbach also has the complete statement:

John Ruiz, who is caught in the middle of the Cavinder twins recruitment violation, is NOT happy.

In the ruling, it allows both Cavinder twins to continue to play. It means they’ll also continue to post on Tik Tok. Their last post was just yesterday.

The twins made their mark after three seasons at Fresno State. That’s when they hit the transfer portal to up their profile. Miami is the spot they chose. At last report, their NIL valuations were around $800K. Quite a bit shy of Livvy Dunne’s $2.3 million, but still a nice haul for playing college basketball and making short videos. Speaking of, it wouldn’t be right if we talked about the twins and didn’t post some of their videos to go along with the story.