24 March 2, 1998

These NFL Quarterbacks Are All Younger Than Stetson Bennett

Monday night, January 9th, 2023, was the College Football National Championship game.  We saw the Georgia Bulldogs take down the TCU Horned Frogs by the largest point margin in college football championship history.  The final score, a shameful 65-7.  Georgia players were in the stands having snacks.

Stetson Bennett, quarterback for Georgia and a Heisman trophy finalist, led the team to an undefeated season, with the eventual National Championship title.  But, that’s not the only thing he led in.  Stetson Bennett is 25 years old, making him one of the oldest college players to play the game.  In fact, he’s even older than several of the quarterbacks already playing in the NFL.    Some are starting quarterbacks entering into the NFL playoffs this weekend.

So, how will that play out for Bennett in the upcoming draft?  I guess we will have to wait until April to find out.

In the mean time, take a look at all of these NFL quarterbacks that are younger than Stetson Bennett


The Cost Of A Hot Dog At NFL Stadiums Across The Country

We’ve told you about the cost of a beer at every NFL stadium.  But, what’s the cost of a hot dog at NFL stadiums across the country?  With the NFL season starting in a matter of days, what a perfect time to find out.

You either love them or hate them.  I happen to be a person who loves them.  I love hot dogs so much that when I was in middle school I had a hot dog charm on my necklace.  My favorite hot dog of all time is from the original Dairy Queen.  Way back before DQ Grill & Chill was a thing.  My go to order was a footlong with just ketchup.  Some of my other favorites are the little guys from Skyline Chili, 7-11 (don’t judge) and Nathan’s.

With that said, when I go to a NFL game, my go to is a beer and a hot dog.  Since my Dairy Queen days, I now add mustard.  Sometimes if I’m feeling frisky, I might even add some chili and cheese.

It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve been to a game, so what is the price of a hot dog now?   Prices range from about $2 at a Falcons game, all the way to $8 for a Rams or Raiders game.  According to Cheapism, these are the prices of a hot dog at every NFL stadium across the country.