Hurricane Ian caused so much distressing news in Southwest Florida, this one lifted our spirits just a little bit. Naples dog wins Amazon Halloween Costume. Amazon is releasing limited-edition delivery uniforms for both kids and dogs to wear this year. To celebrate, the company held a nationwide superfan contest. The prize, an Amazon delivery costume of course.

Three dogs across the country won the contest, including one in Naples. Finnegan is a miniature goldendoodle. Not only did the adorable dog win a costume, but also a box of treats from Amazon.


Finn hanging out in the Amazon van with Delivery Driver Archie Wilson.

In addition, the company used Finnegan to help with a donation. The Naples Human Society gets a $3000 gift card to purchase food and other essentials to help take care of needs following Hurricane Ian. Congrats to Finn the Naples dog wins Amazon Halloween Costume.

Naples Dog Winning Submission

How did Finnegan win this coveted honor? This is a selection of what the dog’s mom submitted to Amazon:

“The hurricane was coming, and the submission deadline was Wednesday,” said Finn’s mom. “It was Tuesday, and I finally submitted. I was worried because we always lose our power before the storm. Of course, we had no internet for several days and no idea if we won. Finally, on Saturday, we had internet and all of a sudden I saw the message saying we won the contest.”

“Finn loves people more than he loves dogs,” said Finn’s mom. “We get Amazon deliveries on a daily basis. When the Amazon drivers come on up, they are always super friendly to Finn, and he really goes nuts!”

Besides acknowledging their four legged friends, Amazon also wanted to recognize their 275k drivers in the Delivery Service Partner program. Amazon delivery drivers face all kinds of challenges, even navigating scary lawn decorations.