It’s that time of year again.  NFL football is in full swing and I couldn’t be more pumped for the season.  Earlier in the year, I ranked the top 10 hottest coaches in the NFL.  So I figured, why not rank the top 12 hottest NFL quarterbacks?

Personally I’m a huge fan of the sport.   I don’t discriminate either.  I like NFL, college, high school, flag and fantasy.

Fantasy football was the game changer for me.  I’ve always been a Dolphins fan, which hasn’t always been easy, but having individual players to cheer on makes it more fun.  With that said, if you’re someone who just isn’t into the game, you might want to take a look at these NFL quarterbacks.  Your husband doesn’t have to know why you’re all the sudden a fan.  It’s a shame they have to wear those helmets.

If this isn’t who you would choose, or the order you would put them in, don’t come for me.  Make your own list in the comments.

Here is my list of the 12 Hottest NFL Quarterbacks: