ST ALBANS, ENGLAND - JUNE 10: LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman pictured during the LIV Invitational at The Centurion Club on June 10, 2022 in St Albans, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

LIV Golf commish Greg Norman did an interview on Fox News this week to discuss the emergance of the PGA alternative golf league backed by Saudi investors.  Now, usually when News/Political figures conduct “sports” interviews they tend to lack information on the backstory.  This was the case here.

However, a couple of items worth noting were mined from this story.  First of all, Norman confirmed that before he became commissioner, LIV did offer Tiger Woods around $700,000,000 to $800,000,000 to join the league.  To date, Woods has declined to join.

More importantly, however, Norman admitted the new league isn’t really making money during its start-up season.  The business plan is to get rolling and get attention.  In fact, the league has already announced a bigger schedule with more eye-opening prize money for next season.  Norman cannot fathom why all golfers would not want to join his league.

LIV Still Needs Something

LIV golf is still lacking one major assett.  It has yet to secure a legitimate TV deal.  Right now, fans of the league can only view on-line at places like YouTube.  Some have speculated that most networks like NBC, CBS, and ESPN would not want to put their current TV deals with the PGA, US Open and the Masters at risk by reaching out to LIV.  Those same networks are skiddish about upsetting sponsors who may not want the backlash from consumers offended by so-called blood money from Saudis who have a poor human rights record.

There is no doubt the Saudi-backed LIV golf tournament has the deep pockets necessary to go on forever.  But at some point, like any business venture, the owners will want to quit pulling money out of their own pocket and take profits from someone else’s pocket.  That won’t happen until they get a legitimate TV deal.

Craig Shemon