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Let’s not forget, the 2019 Chiefs won the Super Bowl (in 2020, yes, I know). Tyreek Hill comparing this year’s Dolphins team to that Chiefs team is a big statement. He made the statement on the “It Needed To Be Said” podcast.

Yes, the Dolphins have dynamic playmakers but there’s still a big but….

If you’re going to expect that level of offensive firepower, Tyreek Hill is comparing Tua to Patrick Mahomes with that statement. I’m really hoping we see a much improved, amazing Tua this year, but until we do it doesn’t matter the offensive weapons on the team. Should be fun to watch, but there’s still a big “we’ll see”.

Ima chalk it up to just some offseason chatter. A little something to help us get through the summer. Zach Wilson isn’t going to hand us a headline story every day. Twitter was on FIRE with that one.

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