Florida Man Arrested For Riding Dirt Bike On Airport Tarmac. An 18 year old told deputies he was just trying to “take in the sun and fresh air.”

He got in through an automatic gate as another vehicle was exiting. Deputies say he passed several restricted and prohibited signs as he made his way toward the airport tarmac in Zephyrhills. This Florida Man was disturbing the flow of inbound and outbound aircraft along the way.

Tony Coban, age 18, was arrested and charged with trespassing. Bond set at $5,000. I didn’t actually know they had an airport at Zephyrhills so this whole story took me off guard.

Source News Channel 8

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Florida Man Drives 'Sketchy' To Get Pulled Over To Alert Deputies Of His Kidnapping

  • How it began

    The  Martin County Sheriff’s Office: reports: A Port St. Lucie man who boasted his dog breeding business on-line found himself in a fight for his life after being kidnapped by three suspects who admired the fruits of his success so much they drove all the way to the Treasure Coast to steal it.

    The Martin County Sheriff’s Office along with Port St. Lucie Police Department arrested 22-year old Tsdekiel Sellers of Atlanta, 25-year old Benyahveen Radcliffe of Buffalo, and 22-year old Kashaveeyah Bragdon of Tallahassee on multiple charges including kidnapping, carjacking, armed burglary and home invasion after the trio posed as interested dog buyers. When they arrived at the victims home, they robbed and assaulted the victim and demanded he hand over the large amounts of cash he boasted about. The dangerous saga lasted nearly two days and moved from various locations before the suspects kidnapped the man then forced the victim to drive to a location which required them to travel through Martin County. Fortunately, it was at the same time our Traveling Criminal response team was on patrol monitoring the highways. When the victim, who was forced to drive the vehicle, saw the deputy, he intentionally committed a traffic infraction in hopes of being pulled over. It worked. Once stopped, the victim who was afraid to say he was being kidnapped had a look of despair when the deputy gave him a warning and started to send him on his way. The victim then used a hand motion in hopes that the deputy would pick up on his fear. The deputy did, and ordered the man to step away from the car and away from the three other men who were sitting inside the vehicle. Once hearing the victim’s story, the three suspects were placed into custody and the Port St. Lucie Police Department was called in. Detectives there were able to verify his accounts and confirm that this was in fact a brazen kidnapping.

  • How it ended

    Deputies searched the vehicle and found guns, knives and large amounts of cash. MCSO charged the suspects with unlicensed carry of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance and providing a false name. Port St. Lucie Police charged the trio with kidnapping, assault, home invasion, false imprisonment and witness tampering.

  • Who they were

    The men claim that they are part of a group called the Israelites, and only wanted to come to Florida to hang out with some “bitc#$es”. They will now go from the Martin County Jail to the St. Lucie County Jail, then to state Prison. Not exactly the companions they were looking for, but…..Woof.

    According to WPFB, the victim told the police ‘Dude, you’re so clutch. You saved me. I intentionally drove sketchy so you would stop me.’

  • The kidnappers: Kashaveeyah Bragdon

    Florida Man

  • Tsdekiel Sellers

    Florida Man

  • Benyahveen Radcliffe

    Florida Man



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