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(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Over the last year, I’m sure you’ve noticed that tolls in Lee County have all gone electronic, and also that the administrative fees were paused, but come Friday, October 1st, that fee will be reinstated if you pay-by-plate.

If you have a transponder, either a Sun Pass or a LeeWay, nothing will change for you. The tolls for the Cape Coral and Midpoint bridges will continue to be $2 and the Sanibel Causeway bridge will be $6.

If you do not have a transponder, and you’ve been going through tolls with a bill being sent to you, expect to pay more. There will be a $3 administrative fee added to every toll you go through, making the toll of the Cape Coral bridges $5 and the Sanibel bridge $9.

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