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Tropical Storm Elsa sure is taking her time. As of the 8am update, Elsa is moving NNW at 12 mph. She’s currently ruining what could have been a beautiful day of fishing in the Keys as she heads up north. Likely landfall is just north of Tampa as a Tropical Storm or a low-end category one. Most of the models have it as a TS, but Elsa regaining hurricane strength is possible.

We’ll be dealing with some wind and rain today. There’s always a chance of this thing spinning off a tornado so don’t get complacent. If you live in a low lying area, storm surge is a real possibility.

Here’s some more on that:

Storm Surge Warnings for a big chunk of the FL west coast. Tampa Bay showing 3-5ft of surge possible. Add this to tide...

Posted by Mike's Weather Page on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

SWFL is under a Tropical Storm Warning. It’s coming.


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