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As of 6 am, the entire coastal areas of SWFL are now under a Tropical Storm Warning. So, it’s gonna happen. The timing seems to have changed a bit, though. Elsa is currently interacting with Cuba and now won’t be located near us until maybe midday Tuesday. We’ll start see the effects of the storm today as she moves over Cuba, but if you have the day off, the beach may be a good spot this morning. If you do go to the shore be aware of rip currents that may develop as the storm approaches.  Also, I’d go now. as the wind picks up you’ll get sandblasted out there – which is no fun.

Here’s the update from the NWS:

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As you can se on the chart, the Tropical Storm winds should be coming around by Tuesday morning. These will be winds up to 73 mph with possible stronger gusts. This is not a big powerful hurricane and use of the term “hunker down” is discouraged, but driving through rain bands is treacherous. Also, tornados are always possible:

Elsa expected to pass on the west side of Florida. This puts the worst weather eastward... and action likely will extend...

Posted by Mike's Weather Page on Monday, July 5, 2021

Remember, if you’re on I75 when one of these rain bands hit many people will drive with their hazard blinkers on. You can’t yell at them anymore, it’s legal now.

As of 6 am, the entire coastal areas of SWFL are now under a Tropical Storm Warning.

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