Squirrels Attacking? Yes.

Several squirrels have been attacking a Queens neighborhood for weeks, according to CBS New York.

“You hear someone has been bitten by a squirrel, you’re like ‘Okay, you got a little nib, what’s the deal?’ But this was … this was an MMA cage match! And I lost!” Micheline Frederick told CBS New York after the squirrel attack.

She victim reported that the squirrel, totally unprovoked, attacked her in front of her home.

The attack resulted in at least eight bites and her pinky finger “pretty chewed up”, Frederick said.

Three other residents have also reported recent encounters with multiple squirrels, according to the Post.

“When we leave the house, we have to carry mom’s homemade pepper spray to make sure, if It comes at us, then we spray it,” a teen resident told CBS New York.

A security camera captured the attack. See the photo here:

“The NYC Health Department received a complaint about an aggressive squirrel in Rego Park and advised the property owner to hire a New York State licensed trapper,” the city’s Department of Health said in a statement.

“Squirrels and many other small rodents are rarely found to be infected with rabies. If New Yorkers believe they have observed an animal infected with rabies, they should report it to 311,” The Centers for Disease Control told CBS New York.

The victim is undergoing treatment for rabies as a precaution.