The Pro Watercross World Championship is coming to Sugden Community Park in Naples.

· Featuring the world’s best high-performance racing on the open water, this event is free to the public and fun for the entire family.

· From October 31st through November 3rd you can watch competitors battle it out to be the next world champion!

· Brought to you by Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades CVB on Florida’s Paradise Coast.

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Watercross can be simply put as motocross on Personal Watercrafts (PWCs or jetskis). The exception being, these athletes compete on unpredictable liquid track varying from oceans, lakes and rivers. Competitors challenge the notion of what is possible on a PWC; utilizing the most advanced equipment reaching speeds of over 85 mph against a full line of competitors to the extreme freestylist landing a double back-flip in surf. This sport is driven by their passion, creating a lifestyle that combines adrenaline and pure enjoyment of being on the water.

Each race begins with one of the most gut-wrenching experiences in motorsports the side-by-side gated start.  Similar to horse racing, a watercross racing start features 20 riders exploding off the line, each thinking to themselves “I’m going to be the first one to that buoy.”  Surviving the first-turn is just the beginning.  Speed, technique and racing ability will all come into play over the next 20 minutes, as the riders begin to negotiate a series of left and right hand turns. Check out the CBS Sports opening segment… it says it all!