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Somehow social media will travel down the unforeseen abyss and usually, it only takes one user to fall down the hole then everyone else follows, this week that user was @metroadlib who shared with us the many names for his dog.

Even though @metroadlib’s dog is named “Cooper”, he calls him other names like “honeybunny”, “coopypoopy,” “heyloverthisismorethanacrush,” stinkboy, and “sweetboy.” This crazy list made other people share the multiple names for their pets, some of the more unique ones were “GirlIfYouDontQuit,” “Finnamon Bun,” “Chezerito Burrito” and “Lil S__t, which was the name of a guinea pig.” The nicknames aren’t just for dogs and cats, one user calls her rabbits “Jigsaw” and “Hannibal,” which is pretty funny since rabbit’s are vegetarians. Most pet owners say they call their pets by their real names only a fraction of the time.

What are your pet’s nicknames? How often do you call your pet by their real name?

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